Roughing it… comfortably… part 1

This past weekend the BrownOnions headed out for a weekend of camping in Algonquin park. The park itself is huge, spanning about 7500 sq km, which is, according to wikipedia, a quarter the size of Belgium! Put another way, after entering the west gate of the park, it took another half an hour to get to our campsite, and that was only halfway into the park!

Now when I say camping, we are not hardcore campers, we just like fresh air, and the outdoors, but we also like flushing toilets, electricity and running water. So we opt for a more developed campsite that will allow us to pitch up a tent, but also is a short walk to a proper toilet. I call it roughing it,comfortably.

Regardless, for us camping is all about the food. In the weeks leading upto the camping trip we scoured the internet for some unique and easy camping food ideas. Trying to get away from the standard burger and hot dogs, we wanted something new to try. The next couple of posts is a brief review of the recipes we tried (with links to the original recipes). Some worked better than others, and we are by no means experts at this camping cooking thing, but we sure did have fun with it!

Campfire Cones

This was dessert for our first night (hence the dark pics). Instead of smores, we decided to try these. Fill the cones with whatever sweetness you like. We made, marshmallow, chocolate, banana as one flavour combo, and cherry, chocolate marshmallow as another, using cherry pie filling. Both were great.

Fill up the cones with your fav toppings, wrap in aluminum foil and let it roast over the fire till it is all ooey gooey good inside 🙂

Breakfast Potatoes

Inspired by this recipe, we decided to cook up some potatoes to go with our morning eggs. Start off by chopping potatoes, onions, and green onions and pile them up on a sheet of foil, making sure there is a good 2 inches of excess foil around the edges. Sprinkle with a couple of tablespoons of butter, some salt, and lots of cheese. We had some black beans so decided to throw them in as well. Put another sheet of foil over the whole thing and curl up the edges to make it into a nice foil package. Make sure it is well sealed to the potatoes can steam. Place the package over the fire (or on a BBQ if you want to do this at home) and let it go. It took a good half an hour for the potatoes to cook over a medium heat, but just check periodically to see if the potatoes are soft all the way through.

We made this twice. The first time we skimped on the butter and the potatoes ended up sticking to the bottom of the foil. The second time it was perfect!

Up next… campfire scrambled eggs, and hot dog rolls on a stick…